Friday, August 2, 2019

What construction of Black Rock Wind turbines will be like

An article about the construction of what was the largest turbine in the US in May 2018, similar in size to the proposed Black Rock turbines

It describes the ordeal of building ONE turbine.  200 truckloads for ONE turbine!

How bad will the construction of the 29 Black Rock turbines be?

Rising from the Randall County dirt is the largest wind turbine in the United States. It’s a monster.
The height of the hub is 426.5 feet above the ground. The height of the tip of one of its three blades at its tallest is 653.5 feet above the West Texas plains. The diameter of the rotor is 446.2 feet.
It has been quite an ordeal. About 100 truckloads of crane parts were delivered to assemble the crane necessary for installation of the turbine prototype. That was just to assemble the crane that would assemble the turbine. About 80 truckloads poured the 772 yards of concrete necessary for the foundation, and about 20 truckloads of turbine components were delivered.

Video of the same turbine.

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