Friday, August 9, 2019

This web site posts the FACTS about Black Rock Wind Farm

A recent letter of support to the Public Service Commission claims "scare tactics are being used to get people whipped up."
link to support letter claiming scare tactics

This is untrue.  This web site publishes the FACTS from the Black Rock Wind Farm application.  The application links are in a prior post.  Read the application yourself.  Everyone should be informed about this wind farm that will affect so many people.

The application makes comparisons to the nearby wind farms, Pinnacle, New Creek and Mt. Storm.  The application does not make comparisons to the wind farms referenced in this support letter.

BRWF made comparisons in their analyses to the nearby wind farms (Pinnacle, New Creek and Mt. Storm), which are 387 - 400 feet.  It is deceitful to compare BRWF turbines that will be 600 feet or more to turbines only 400 feet tall.

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