Sunday, August 4, 2019

The fight to stop Black Rock Wind Farm continues

There are many folks actively fighting to stop Black Rock Wind Farm.  33 letters of protest have been submitted and 30 of those were submitted in the past 9 days.  A petition to intervene have been submitted.  The intervenor will be filing testimony in the next two weeks and then attending the evidentiary hearing on September 11th.

So the fight continues!!  Please keep spreading the word about this web site and informing those without internet access about the details so that they can send in protest letters.  See the other post with the flyer.  We are handing the flyer out to everyone we can and you should also.



  1. 1. lowered property value
    2. ridgetop removal
    3. disturbed viewshed
    4. electricity goes out of state
    5. profits go out of state
    6. no more windmills unless WVians get some benefit
    7. these pads are 200-ft wide and 20-feet deep
    8. harming the natural ecosystem

  2. Did not see any mention of ice throw risk assessment. I was unable to determine if the proposed turbines have anti-icing features for the blades. See the following for an example analysis of ice throw:


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