Sunday, August 4, 2019

Protest letter shows the glaring deficiencies in Black Rock application

The Sierra Club protest letter is the best example of the deficiencies in the Black Rock Wind Farm application.

Link to Sierra Club protest letter

The analyses included in the application are based upon smaller turbines and faulty comparisons are made to nearby wind farms.  

  • The Acoustic Sound study that was done is based on the 4.2 MW turbine.  But they intend to use a 5.8 MW turbine.
  • The Wildlife Risk study makes comparisons to nearby wind farms, but the turbines are not comparable.  Black Rock turbines will have a blade impact area more than 3 times larger than nearby wind farms.
  • The Visual Impact analysis identifies the area wind farms but fails to emphasize that the Black Rock turbines will be almost double the size.
  • Several wildlife surveys are still ongoing or incomplete.
  • Two eagle fatalities at nearby wind farms this year were not included in the application.

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