Thursday, August 1, 2019

Look at all the homes around the proposed turbines.

The pink dots are are all the homes around the proposed Black Rock Wind Farm turbines.  The contour lines show the estimated construction noise.  Look at all these homes!  302 homes within 1.25 miles of a turbine.  How many people will be affected by this noise?  The construction will take place even late into the night.  How is this noise going to affect these homeowners?

There will be thousands of trucks bringing in crane parts, turbine parts, cement and other construction materials.  This noise and traffic will be unbearable for these homeowners.  BRWF claims that "construction...will generate sounds that are familiar to residents due to other construction, industrial and agricultural activities in the area. The overall noise impact on nearby sensitive receptors during construction of the Project is not expected to be significant." (Appendix U - 008) They claim that the construction noise will be familiar to residents.  We are country folk, living in the mountains and they claim that we hear construction and industrial noises daily.  The only noises I hear are birds and bugs.

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