Thursday, August 1, 2019

Black Rock Wind Farm application is deficient.

The Black Rock Wind Farm application indicates that the proposed turbines, at 667 feet and 5.8 MW, will be almost double the size of nearby wind farms.  And the larger blade length makes the area of impact for birds and bats around 3 times larger than nearby wind farms.  The submitted application is deficient due to the following items:

  • The analyses included in the application are based upon smaller turbines and faulty comparisons are made to nearby wind farms.
  • Several of the wildlife surveys are incomplete or still on-going.

The public is being denied due process because the application is deficient.  Black Rock Wind Farm should withdraw its current application and resubmit a complete application.

Application Part 3 Appendix J:

Application Part 4 Appendix K-N:

Application Part 5 Appendix O:

Application Part 6 Appendix P-U:

Application Part 7 Appendix V-W:

Application Part 8  Appendix X-Z:

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