Sunday, August 4, 2019

Black Rock claims there will be no negative effect on property values!

The Black Rock application claims that these huge turbines will not negatively affect property values near them.  But as the Sierra Club protest letter notes, "the economic impact analyses on property values cited in Appendix N discuss studies of property values within 5 miles, but do not consider property values within 1-2 miles or within the viewshed of a windfarm."

BRWF did not even consider the 302 homes that would be located within 1.25 miles of a turbine!

We spoke to a homeowner about .5 miles from the wind farm that is trying to sell his home and his agent said he would have to lower his asking price by 30% for anyone to be interested in purchasing it.

See page 80 of this document

See page 79 of this document

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